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Kirsten King | FluidForm Pilates Founder Q&A

To coincide with the launch of our Good Morning Sport collection, we sat down with FluidForm Pilates founder and celebrity Pilates trainer; Kirsten King, to talk about all things wellness, how she started her journey into Pilates and her favourite piece from the collection.


1) How did your journey into the world of wellbeing start?

I discovered a love for functional movement when I was living in the UK. I was running everyday but didn’t feel strong or confident in myself. My body wasn’t responding well to the high impact, repetitive movements and I was feeling weak around my knees and hips. I started to learn about the human body and how small, controlled movements effectively balances your body – strengthening all the muscles that support your joints and everyday function. I have always appreciated everyday rituals that allow me to feel strong, confident and empowered. 


Kirsten King wears the Salt Active TopSalt Active Leggings and Seekers Classic Roll Socks.

2) What are the key benefits from practicing Pilates?

Pilates or functional movement teaches low impact, high repetition movements so your body (muscles and joints) are working from the moment you step onto your mat. Pilates exercises are targeted and specific, ensuring a burn in just a few sequences. 

At Fluidform, we focus on your slow twitch, stabilising muscles, that support your joints, stability, balance and posture. I work these muscles in slow, controlled movements that effectively balances your body, creating long, lean and toned muscles. Fluidform integrates isometric and isotonic holds, small equipment and layering techniques to fatigue the muscles, support and challenge the body. The main benefits of this is to build strength and tone without causing stress on the joints and body. This type of movement minimises the risk of injuries due to imbalances or weaknesses in the body. This strength and stability will support not only your fitness but day-to-day performance. You will experience less pain and imbalances, improve your flexibility and start to move more efficiently. 

Practicing consistent, considered movements not only promotes physical benefits, but you will develop a sense of motivation and commitment, build confidence and experience a sense of empowerment, promoting your mental and emotional wellbeing. 

3) Do you prefer Mornings or Afternoons?


4) Which is your favourite piece from our Good Morning Sport Collection?

The Better Health Sweatshirt.


Kirsten King wears the Better Health SweatshirtSalt Active Leggings and Seekers Classic Roll Socks.

5) Tell us about your classes and how it works for those based outside of Australia?

We currently have four studios in Australia and are looking to open another three this year. The Fluidform method has made such an impact on clients in my studios that I created an online platform, to share my philosophy with individuals around the world. Fluidform at Home is a online health and wellness platform, offering over 220 workouts online, with an equipment pack and personalised program, making Fluidform both achievable and highly customisable for anyone. I believe this type of movement should be accessible to all, to feel the positive and transformative effect it has on your body and mind. We understand the interplay of movement, nutrition and mental health on our overall wellbeing. The platform now offers over 100 recipes and seasonal meals, along with our relaxation series to allow members a moment in their everyday to reset their bodies, calm their minds and feel present. 

6) Do you feel that the right activewear contributes to how well you perform?

It’s important to feel comfortable and confident on and off your mat. Finding the right fit or the right pair of tights can be game-changing in how you feel!

7) What advice would you give to other women founders?

Surround yourself with people of different strengths and interests. Allow your team to play to their strengths, celebrate their wins and learn from their losses. Practice vitality and sustainability in everything that you do!


Kirsten King wears the Better Health SweatshirtSalt Active Leggings and Seekers Classic Roll Socks.


8) What is your morning ritual?

Mornings start with five minutes of relaxation. I will make a herbal tea, usually something I’ve made with ginger, lemon and herbs, burn some Fluidform essential oil and just allow my body to wake up. I will always do some form of movement – whether it be a stretch or 20 minutes of Fluidform. This leaves me feeling energised and strong to take on the day.

My skincare routine is really simple. I cleanse and tone with the Rationale essentials and finish with SPF and tinted highlighter.

9) Do you have any tips for staying hydrated?

You will never see me without my stainless steel insulated water bottle! This ensures I stay hydrated all day long. Also experiment with making your own teas. My favourites are ginger, lemon and mint (find the recipe on Fluidform Nutrition). 

10) Where do you hope to see your brand Fluidform in the next 5-10 years?

We are about to open three more studios in Australia and launch our very first training program, allowing people to become fully qualified Fluidform teachers! In the next 10 years, I hope to see Fluidform studios in every continent, Fluidform teachers in every country and Fluidform at Home in every home around the world!


Kirsten King wears the Better Health SweatshirtSalt Active Leggings and Seekers Classic Roll Socks.

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