About Us

Founded by sisters, Alice and Maisie Jones in 2017 from a small village in North-Wales, the brand has continued to jump from strength to strength and is only just getting started. Sisters & Seekers provide slower collective releases that piece together to encompass an overall story and vision for the brand, setting trends ahead of the game.

Sisters & Seekers is associated with many popular influencers and celebrities alike and is also available in select TOPSHOP stores across the UK, with the e-commerce site serving the sisterhood worldwide. The company has huge plans and ambition for growth which is driven by the ever-growing support and hunger for Sisters & Seekers from you, our customer. Watch this space.

“We want Sisters & Seekers to be a reflection of our own style and a brand dedicated to the appreciation of art and aesthetic. We as sisters are totally in sync with each other, especially when it comes to fashion and trends. We design each piece starting with our own hand-drawn sketches, before putting our ideas through the development process, to eventually shooting the collection and unveiling to the sisterhood. We are very passionate about quality, attention to detail and wearability. We also try to reduce single use plastic and general waste as much as possible throughout the early life of the product; from development to delivery, which is a focus we will continue to expand on as the business continues to grow.”

“A sister is someone you can rely on, someone who lifts you up and most importantly, someone who shares your wardrobe. We want our brand to allow you to find what you seek, with the help of the sisterhood. Our ever-growing beautiful community is full of empowered sisters of all different shapes, colours and cultures from around the world. We are all sisters here.”

All our love,

Alice & Maisie Signature