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The cooler the girl, the better the rewards. Remember, the number of points you receive with every purchase will increase as you move through the Cool Girl Community.

Seekers Juveniles

Seekers Juveniles

Start Here

Seekers Citizens

Seekers Citizens

Unlock at £250

Seekers Seniors

Seekers Seniors

Unlock at £500

Seekers Elites Lock

Seekers Elites

Unlock by Invitation

Start Here

Unlock at £250

Unlock at £500

Unlock by Invitation



Spend & save. With every order you’ll move closer to your dream home (which unlocks new perks and exclusives).

Ways to earn

We get it - sometimes even cool girls have to wait until payday. With our exclusive loyalty program, you don't just earn points from making a purchase. We want to get you started with points just for being here! 

How does it work?

How does it work?


Welcome to the Cool Girl Community! You’ll officially become a Seekers Juvenile when you create an account and gain access to exclusive member perks.


Log into your account and find all the ways you can earn points, such as subscribing to our newsletter or joining our community on social media.


Your points balance, along with your reward vouchers, will display on your account. For every 1000 points earned, a £10 voucher will be unlocked.

4. Start saving

When you've unlocked a voucher, and are ready to put it towards your order, click redeem to reveal a coupon code that can be pasted into our checkout promotion box. Alternatively, you can also use your points straight from the checkout. You can head back into your account page at any time to view your code(s) if you have not redeemed this yet.

Join the community

Create an account and unlock access to member-only perks, including early-access to shop new collections, order discounts, free returns, and so much more!


How do returns affect my points?

All points from purchases have a 28 day validation period, during which time the points will display as 'pending' within your account.

Any items returned during the returns window will result in deductions from your pending points for those items.

You will keep no points for returned items.

Any points and/or vouchers redeemed against an order which is returned will also be lost.

How long will my points last?

Your Cool Girl Community subscription will renew after 12 months of joining. At this time, your points and tier will reset.

If you've earned enough points, you will stay in your existing tier. You will otherwise see a reduced tier status.

Don't worry - we'll let you know when your points are due to expire so that you don't lose any!

Is my tier based on previous purchases?

Your tier is based on points earned after you join the Cool Girl Community as a Seekers Juvenile. Any purchases made before this point will not be eligible for points.

How do I move up a tier?

Moving between tiers is based on the amount you've spent on Sisters and Seekers 'fits within the last 12 months, or since joining the Cool Girl Community. If you have only just joined the Cool Girl Community, you will only receive points on future purchases.

However, Seekers Elites is an invite-only tier and our team at Seekers HQ is always on the lookout for new members...

How do I get my birthday voucher?

If you're a member of the Cool Girl Community and you've told us your birthday, lucky you! You'll receive an email on your birthday with a unique code to redeem on-site.

What are pending points?

Points earned through purchases and referrals are subject to a validation period of 28 days. If you decide to make a return, points will be deducted from your account for those item(s).

After this period has passed, the points will be available in your account to redeem.

How many points can I redeem?

You will receive £5, £10, £15 and £20 vouchers when you hit the relevant points milestones, which you can access in your account section.

You can also redeem a minimum of 500 points (£5) and a maximum of 10000 points (£100) directly at checkout.

Can I redeem points and use a discount at the same time?

No, you can only use one or the other. If attempting to stack discount methods, the first discount added will be overwritten by the second.

We recommend you choose the discount which equates to the greatest value based on your order value.

If I refer a friend, what do they need to do for me to receive the points?

You'll receive your refer a friend bonus if your friend shops via your referral link and spends over £30.

Do I receive any discount off my first order after I have joined the Cool Girl Community?

By joining the Cool Girl Community, you will receive points on every purchase which can be redeemed for discounts.

To earn discount off your first order, all you need to do is subscribe to our mailing list. Once subscribed, you'll receive 10% off your first order.


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