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Jacqui Kingswell | The Pilates Class Founder Q&A

To coincide with our Good Morning Sport giveaway, we sat down with Jacqui Kingswell, founder of The Pilates Class to talk all things wellness, how she started her journey into Pilates and her favourite piece from our Good Morning Sport collection. 

1) How did your journey into the world of wellbeing start? 
Wellbeing has had an influence on my life since early on in my youth and career. Having been a dancer for 25 years, movement and pilates were foundational elements to maintaining good health and mobility. Being introduced to pilates so early on by my dance instructor really helped me understand the importance of restorative exercises to my wellbeing and it established my relationship with wellness and Pilates. 

2) What are the key benefits from practicing Pilates? 
There are so many benefits to Pilates! The standout benefits to Pilates are that it releases stress tension in both your body and mind. It teaches you control of your movement, posture, and balance while increasing strength and flexibility. There is an awareness of the mind and body that is enhanced from practicing Pilates. It’s one of the most transformative practices that you can do that helps you create sustainable and lasting change.

3) Do you prefer Mornings or Afternoons? 
I personally prefer to exercise in the morning first thing when I wake up. This sets me up for the day ahead and gives me the energy boost I need to tackle everything I have going on. It also aligns well with my shooting schedule which is typically in the mornings so if I am not shooting my classes, I am getting a workout first thing! If you do prefer to workout in the afternoon or night, it’s really a personal choice and all have incredible benefits. 

4) Which is your favourite piece from our Good Morning Sport Collection? 
My favorite set is definitely the Salt Active Top, it’s really soft and I love the colour! 

Jacqui is wearing the Salt Top in XS and Salt Leggings in S

5) Tell us about your programme and how your classes work for those at home? 
From the very beginning I wanted to offer members a wide variety of classes they could do at home that still felt like a private training session with me, and were high quality. We (my business partner Natasha Oakley and I) started a platform that offers a variety of Pilates based workouts ranging from Pilates, Barre, stretch, HIIT, technique, pre and post-natal, mindfulness and so much more! We have 2 weekly schedules on the platform that we offer to our members depending on their goals: Chill-Satisfying and Satisfying-Intense. I teach members the foundational techniques of Pilates and guide members through every movement so it really feels like a Pilates studio in your own home that you can take anywhere on the go. 

6) Do you feel that the right activewear contributes to how well you perform? 
Definitely, its one of the reasons I am so particular about the brands I wear to workout in. It’s important to have high quality activewear so that when you’re working out you are fully present and engaged instead of worrying about your leggings bunching and sliding or your sports bra pinching you in the wrong places. When I find a set of brands I love I always return to them!

7) What advice would you give to other women founders?
My advice to other female founders is to believe in yourself, your vision and to go for it! So often we can hold back putting something out into the world because we're afraid it might not be perfect or that it might fail. With every class I do I watch back and have at least 3-4 notes of things I could improve for next time. This process is so important for growth, nothing is ever perfect and there's always something you could improve for next time… it’s part of the journey. Be brave and just go for it! 

8) What is your morning ritual?
I like to start my mornings by waking up doing my morning routine which is journaling, having a glass of water and then taking a Pilates class. Once I’m feeling energized I’ll do a short meditation, have a matcha and get ready to start my work day. This ritual may vary a little depending what I have done for the day or where I am. If I’m in Sydney and I will prioritize swimming in the ocean, that’s my ideal morning ritual!

 9) Do you have any tips for staying hydrated? 
Hydration is essential to me to get through the day. You’ll always find me with a bottle of water nearby, which I recommend doing if you’re trying to drink more water. If I know I’m doing a full body Pilates Class later that day, I make sure to stay hydrated and nourished throughout the day so that I have the energy to get through my workout. On these days, I will typically have a nutrient packed smoothie or leafy salad during lunch to keep satiated and ready for movement. Smoothies are a great source of hydration and my favorite midday pick me up which is why I created our nutritional smoothie guide Energize Me to share my top favorite recipes. 

10) Where do you hope to see your brand The Pilates Class in the next 5-10 years? 
Our brand has grown so much in the past couple of years and we’ve gained so much momentum, I really only see us expanding our reach. Our priority is always making our platform the best it can be for our members and we as a team are constantly working on the next thing to improve the experience for them. My personal goal is to continue connecting with my members as well as new people and to continue changing people's overall outlook and relationship with fitness and wellness. The most important part about working out is to enjoy your beautiful body, the movement and do what’s going to serve you.


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